It’s the 21st century, the age of technology, yet the wedding industry has been slow to adopt true technology. Sure vendors have upgraded from incandescent to LED lighting and newer more energy efficient gear but, how many vendors actually use the internet and digital media besides a lackluster website. Today we are going to explore the integration of technology to the wedding market and how it can improve. 

Let’s first take a look at websites… just the good ones that have been updated since 1980. lol. Many get the information across but how many allow you to schedule a call with the vendor at a convenient time. While not frequently used, this feature guarantees they will pick up the phone (hopefully). Many people become frustrated with the amount of telemarketer calls they get and the fact that many businesses don’t pick up the phone. The simple way to solve this is what we do with a call schedule

My second and last point is documents, this is very important for weddings. Many platforms that allow clients to log on and fill planning forms out are available now but research shows less than 1/3 of wedding vendors use these. While this number is growing, consider that these platforms cost less monthly than a DJ music subscription (which is a topic for another video). For my clients I have a login page ( which they can use to fill their forms out online, my clients absolutely love this, and it allows me to be more detail oriented. 

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